'Turn Off TV Day' - Feb. 14

  • January 23, 2001
Morality in Media is asking its members, friends and supporters in the Annual 'Turn Off TV Day' (Valentine's Day, Feb. 14) to write to President Bush and ask him to appoint Federal Communications Commissioners who will enforce the Broadcast Indecency Law against both TV and radio stations.

Participants in Turn Off TV Day will -- in addition to keeping the TV dark for a day -- also combat "cable versions" of hard-core porn movies and "bleeding" of porn channel signals into their homes through inadequate cable company "scrambling."

MORALITY IN MEDIA - http://www.moralityinmedia.org - is a nonprofit national interfaith organization, with headquarters in New York City, working through "constitutional means to curb traffic in obscenity and to uphold standards of decency in the mainstream media."



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