Nielsen: Just 3.1% of U.S. Unprepared For Digital

tv watchersHispanic TV homes are moving at a rapid rate in changing to digital TV from analog signals.

With seven weeks remaining until the transition to digital television on June 12, Hispanic households showed the largest percentage gain -- now at 5.0% of homes that are unprepared for the digital changeover, down from 5.4%.

Back in December, Hispanic TV homes were the most unprepared -- at 11.5%.

Overall, some 100,000 TV households have been added to those that are ready for the digital TV change. This brings those that are unprepared down to 3.1% of U.S. TV households, or 3.5 million.

The most prepared demographic group remains Caucasian households at 2.4%, down one-tenth of a percentage point versus a week ago. The worst are African-American homes at 5.9%, which remained the same. Asian-American TV homes are at 4.1% -- two-tenths of a percentage point improvement.



Younger TV homes are still significantly less prepared that older TV homes. Under-35-year-old TV-led homes are at 5.7%, with 55 and older homes at 1.7%.

In February, when the original transition date was set, the total unprepared TV homes amounted to 5.1% of the country.

In a separate release, the National Association of Broadcasters says the number of unprepared homes is much smaller: just 2.1 million, a number reached from a telephone survey conducted March 26-April 8.

The group released other data that said 82% of the homes that have been using over-the-air antennas to get their TV signals are now fully prepared for the TV signal switch.

The NAB notes that awareness levels of the DTV transition among over-the-air households is now near 98% -- the highest levels since the start of its digital advertising efforts, which began in January 2007.


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