Media Players Now Installed On 99% of Home PCs

  • January 22, 2001
According to Media Metrix, media players now are installed on 99% of U.S. home PCs, enabling these computers to deliver both online and offline digital-audio and video to consumers. Streaming-media players, the subset of media players that enable real-time access of digital-audio and video over the Internet, are also now installed on 99% of U.S. home PCs. In November 2000, 47% of U.S. home computer users (both PC and Mac) used a media player, while 40% used a streaming-media player.

However, said Steve Coffey, Executive VP, Media Metrix, the growth of consumers' usage of these tools is flattening. "To close the gap between what people can do and what they actually do, the industry must continue to develop content and better delivery systems that encourage users to take advantage of the digital video and audio capabilities they have."

In the streaming-media category, RealNetworks' RealPlayer maintains the largest share of users. In November 2000, 28% of all U.S. home computer users used RealPlayer, 22% used Windows Media Player (versions 6 and 7) and 4% used Quicktime (version 4). In contrast, 22% of these same users used RealPlayer in January 2000, 17% used Windows Media Player (versions 6 and 7) and 3% used Quicktime (version 4).



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