CEO Rehr Exits NAB

David RehrDavid Rehr will be leaving the National Association of Broadcasters as president and CEO of the TV trade association after only three years on the job.

Rehr had a difficult term, especially in the wake of NAB's membership undergoing massive restructuring, due to a weak economy and subsequent sharply lower advertising revenues for both TV and radio stations.

For TV stations, Rehr was unable to get must-carry rights on cable systems for TV stations' new multicast, local digital stations. For radio stations, he had been trying to stop Congress from levying royalties' fees that stations would have to pay to record labels.

During his tenure, the Federal Communications Commission mandated that TV stations carry public service announcements for the upcoming analog-to-digital TV transition that will finally take place in June.

Previously, Rehr had been with National Beer Wholesalers Association, joining the NAB in December 2005.

A search committee has been formed to find a new candidate. Janet McGregor, chief operating and financial officer of the NAB, will take over day-to-day duties until a successor is named.



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