New Feature To Measure Branding Success Of Online Ads

  • by January 18, 2001
Online advertising services and technology provider Interadnet announced that it has added a new reporting feature to its core ad serving technology that measures campaign effectiveness in terms of brand awareness.

Called "Branding Value", the new feature measures completions - action taken by the user, such as filling out a form, asking for a subscription or purchasing a product - up to 30 days after an initial impression, and will help advertisers learn more about the branding effects of their online advertising, and how they translate into long-term awareness.

"Our new feature will allow clients to learn more about how effective their online branding efforts are," said Bill Freeman, CEO of Interadnet. "Ideally, they'll see that Web audiences retain the information from their ads and ultimately visit their Web site for more information - even if they don't click-through when they first see the banner or pop up."

Freeman points out that others in the industry, including Interadnet, already have technology that measures Branding Value by Click - which measures completions after the initial click-through - but that the Branding Value by Impression feature is the only way to report on something other than a direct response.



In addition to Branding Value, Interadnet has enhanced its Unique Views feature. This improvement will provide clients with a more in-depth and detailed view of their campaigns by allowing them to see "unique views" by individual channel and creative within the campaign - as opposed to just the full campaign. Interadnet has also added an On-Line Help feature - accessible on every screen of the user interface - that gives the user an opportunity to look at an index or search topic guides directly related to that interface or particular screen.

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