BIA: TV, Radio Net Revs To Grow 18%

Chantilly, Va.-based BIA Advisory Services says TV and radio stations will have an 18.6% compounded growth rate over the next four years. Broadcast stations' Internet advertising revenues will double to $1.9 billion in four years.

  In 2008, BIA says TV and radio stations booked $805 million in advertising -- over 7% of all local online advertising dollars. Local online ad sales were $11 billion last year, according to BIA, with radio grabbing $342 million and TV stations at $463 million.



BIA says radio and television Internet revenues will grow to 19% this year, landing at $957 million. Revenue will move to $1.176 billion in 2010; $1.399 billion in 2011; $1.641 billion in 2012; and 1.887 billion in 2013.

revenue chart

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  1. James Smith from J. R. Smith Group, May 12, 2009 at 1:48 a.m.

    If the forecast is anywhere near accurate it serves to underscore the shift in radio/TV business models. While Internet revenues are not likely to repair cash flow damage done by recession pull-outs (like auto advertising) they will help. To execute, it might be necessary to "re-train" ad sales staffs and to reinforce radio/TV stations as media brands, rather than simply radio stations or TV stations.

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