Ben & Jerry's Launches New Flavor, Contest

Ben & Jerry's World Flavor Ben & Jerry's announced its newest flavor, Chocolate Macadamia, during an email blast to consumers Thursday.

The Burlington, Vt. company says the Fair Trade-certified flavor includes "sustainably sourced ingredients -- from the chocolate and vanilla right down to the macadamia nuts."

"We purposely packed this flavor with more than enough chocolately-rich macadamia-nuttiness & more than a fair share of meaningful ingredients too, including sustainably-sourced macadamias and Fair Trade certified cocoa and vanilla," according to the email.

"It's a contribution to ice cream lovers everywhere & to a better world that creates fair and equitable opportunities for farmers & their communities and promotes sustainable farming practices that support a healthy planet & respect for people, too."



The company also is promoting the "Do The World A Flavor" contest to give "Flavor Guru" consumers the chance to "create the perfect ice cream" flavor online. "To take part, just mosey over to our online flavor lab, whip together the ice cream of your dreams and give it an appropriately appealing name. You can design your own pint and send to all your friends, for bragging rights."

Ben & Jerry's receives tens of thousands of flavor ideas each year from consumers worldwide. "Thanks to these ideas, the company has launched flavors such as Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia and Cookie Dough," the company says.

"Undoubtedly, our fun names and chunky flavors have become our hallmark. So, we are actively seeking consumers to help the brand's fun approach to ice cream by launching an official flavor contest to determine our next new global flavor."

The online flavor generator has predetermined 18 flavors, 18 chunk varieties and 18 swirl varieties to choose from.

The contest ends May 28. The grand prize winner will see their idea transformed into the next Ben & Jerry's scoop shop flavor and visit a working Fair Trade Cocoa farm in the Dominican Republic.

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