Value Added: AdMarketplace Looks For Additions To PPC Rev

Contextual marketing company adMarketplace is expected to launch a new site offering revenue-generating widgets for Web publishers and bloggers Tuesday.'s "pubTools" -- including an Ad Tag Cloud, Search Box, and Text Ad Box -- are designed to generate revenue for publishers, while delivering additional traffic to adMarketplace advertisers.

Many long-tail publishers have excellent traffic," said adMarketplace president Adam Epstein. As a result, "Performance marketers do not have to buy pay-per-click traffic only from search engines and branded Web properties in order to achieve their goals." The Ad Tag Cloud places contextually relevant keywords in an ad unit on the page, allowing users to view a selection of offers by rolling over a keyword or phrase.

The Search Box pubTool allows publishers to monetize type-in queries without losing the user traffic to a search engine. pubMarketplace's Search Result Page overlays the publisher content in the same browser. This allows users to interact with the results, and then return to the site.



The Text Ad Box pubTool contains multiple relevant text ads in a single ad unit. Like all pubTools, the Text Ad Box is offered with IAB-standard or custom dimensions, and its color and size can be customized to maximize user engagement.

Since debuting in late 2004, adMarketplace has, by its own estimate, grown to deliver performance Web traffic to roughly 100,000 advertisers.

adMarketplace plans to add additional pubMarketplace pubTools in the coming months.

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