Comcast: Connecticut 'Police Blotter' Hopes To Close Cold Cases

Comcast is bringing its public-service, law-and-order VOD offering to New England for the first time, after launching similar efforts elsewhere in the country.

Under a partnership with the Connecticut State Police, the channel hopes to help locate fugitives and solve cold cases in the state. Tabbed "Police Blotter on Demand," viewers can look at photos and view descriptions of 10 different cases, with prompts to call in if they have any information.

The Connecticut State Police will identify the cold case or fugitives to be featured through the On Demand service. Each crime profiled on "Police Blotter" is either a wanted person or an unsolved case that the police are actively working to close. The cases involve violent crimes, including murder, assault, rape and gang violence.

Comcast said callers can remain anonymous. "Police Blotter" is also available in at least 15 other Comcast markets, including Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.

John A. Danaher III, Commissioner of Public Safety for the State of Connecticut, believes the service "can make a difference in ongoing investigations and help provide a safer environment."



Michael Parker, vice president for Comcast in Connecticut, cited the "Blotter" option as providing [on-demand] programming that is "meaningful to our local community." The "Blotter" is accessible through a "Get Local" VOD section.

Comcast has been aggressive at exploring new ways to build its VOD libraries since 2003.

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