Actors Unions OK Commercial Deal

hand shakeActors unions easily approved a new three-year deal covering commercials work on Thursday. But other problem areas remain.

In a joint statement, SAG and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists said the three-year deals would generate more than $108 million in earnings for its members. The deals cover performers working in commercials made for and reused on television, radio, the Internet and new media.

Also included in the new deals is an approved pilot study to test the gross rating points (GRP) model of restructuring compensation to actors -- in effect, paying actors based on how their commercials perform, which is similar to TV marketers' deals with TV networks under its commercial rating, C3 metric.

The vote was 94% in favor of the new agreements, according to the statement. The deal with the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies goes into effect retroactively to April 1, 2009, and will remain in force until March 31, 2012.



But things are not going as well with actors over another proposed deal for theatrical movies and prime-time TV work. On Thursday, the same day of the commercial contract announcement, hundreds of actors staged a loud and militant-sounding meeting in a Hollywood hotel.

Many in opposition are focusing on efforts of new media compensation -- a focal point of entertainment-related unions over the last couple of years. SAG's national board approved a features-prime-time deal on April 19, but just barely with over a 50% vote.

The current TV-film contract expired last June 30.

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