Ford's European Effort: E Pluribus Unum

2009 Ford FocusFord is showing all its cars at once in a campaign focused on design for the European market. The campaign features a TV spot intended to illustrate that Ford's kinetic designs for its Euro vehicles make the cars look like they are going fast even if they're standing still. The new effort also complements Ford's separate campaigns for individual models.

The ad, via Ogilvy, London, broke on Wednesday during the half-time break of the UEFA Champions League football final. It shows Ford's Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga and S-MAX European. The ad follows an urban car-chase scene, even though the cars are filmed with static vehicles mounted on electro-hydraulic turntables.

Maureen Graham, Ford of Europe's director of marketing communications, says the ad marks a shift in Ford's advertising strategy. "We're not moving away from single-model adverts; additionally, we're planning campaigns which focus on key attributes of our brand as a whole. In this campaign, we want to emphasize that driving a new Ford car is now a more emotional experience, thanks to the impact of 'kinetic design.'"



The campaign includes Web ads via Wunderman, and also behind-the-scenes video about how the TV spot was shot.

The automaker has done well in Europe, where the No. 2 auto brand reported 9% share of market in April, a 1% improvement because of Fiesta sales, and a successful launch for the Ka subcompact car.

Ford sold 120,000 vehicles in Europe, a decline of 7.4% from April 2008. Year-to-date for April, Ford of Europe sold 541,600 vehicles in its 51 markets, a reduction of 121,500 or 18.3 percentage points versus the first four months of 2008.

The three best-selling Ford models in the 19 main European markets in April were the Fiesta, Focus, and the Mondeo. The company has also sold 9,100 of the new Ka.

The company's leading market in April was Britain, selling 28,300 new vehicles.

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