Pop-Tart Promo Ups Calif. Tortilla Sales 32%

  • May 28, 2009
Tortillas and Pop-Tarts might not seem an intuitive match, but it keeps on working for California Tortilla, a Cal-Mex quick-casual format restaurant chain based not on the West Coast, but in the Mid-Atlantic region.

California Tortilla's 15th Annual Pop-Tart Day, held on May 20, increased its 38 restaurants' sales by 32% as compared with the previous six Wednesdays, the chain announced. This year, the chain prepared to give away more than 20,000 Pop-Tarts, a record for the promotion.

The unusual but highly successful promotion, in which each customer is entitled to a free Pop-Tart, got an additional charge from a new twist this year. The chain inserted a "Golden Ticket" in one Pop-Tart per store, and each lucky ticket recipient received free burritos for a full year.

Pop-Tart Day is one of the many quirky promotions for which California Tortilla has become known. Others include Animal Noise Day; Primary Day; Grab Bag Day; Rock, Paper, Scissors Day; The Worst Sales Week, and the Monday Night Mystery Prize Wheel.

Franchise owners and employees enjoy the relationships they develop with their customers, and the events drive strong buzz among existing and potential customers, explains the chain.--Karlene Lukovitz



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