Sprint Unveils "Now Network" Screensaver

  • May 28, 2009
As part of its ongoing "Now Network" campaign, Sprint has launched a customizable screensaver that lets users get updates in one place from social networking services including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.

The branded screensaver, downloadable from Sprint.com/nownetwork, also allows people to build in other real-time features including local traffic reports, the weather, and more novel tools for tracking things like how many kidney transplants have taken place that day and how many Google results match their name.

Sprint in late April extended its "Now Network" campaign to the Web, promoting the ability of its 3G network to handle all the searching, Twittering and Web surfing people do on their mobile phones with a series of high-profile page takeovers on sites such as Yahoo, AOL and YouTube. The ad effort leads up to Sprint's June 6 launch of the Palm Pre, it's own so-called iPhone killer. --Mark Walsh



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