Giant National Advertisers Join Captivate Roster

  • February 27, 2001
Captivate Network, Inc., the elevator media network that delivers content and advertising to business professionals via wireless flat panel display technology, has announced that Continental Airlines, DHL Worldwide Express, State Street Research and Management, and BMW of San Francisco will join its roster of national brands that advertise on Captivate. Dunkin' Donuts and Salomon Smith Barney will continue to air ads on Captivate's nationwide network. Company officials say the network reaches more than 500,000 business professionals daily through 10-12 inch screens, positioned in high rise office tower elevators. The top 2/3 of the screens have headlines that change every 10 seconds, while the bottom 1/3 carries advertising. Currently, more than 1,900 screens have been installed to enable the Captivate Network to deliver more than 25 million advertising impressions daily to professionals employed in the financial, legal, high technology and media industries.

- Adam Bernard

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