Daily Candy Is Sweet On Target

First there was chocolate and peanut butter. Then there was Chico and the Man, Joanie and Chachi, and Bush and Cheney. Then there was that totally darling LAMB bag that paired perfectly with your chiffon dress. And in that vein (especially the last one), Daily Candy has partnered with its longtime advertiser, Target, on a cobranded online store called the Target Red Hot Shop.

Daily Candy may be unafraid to repeatedly trot out the Headline "Some Like It Haute," and it is just that sort of boldness that has bonded the DC crew with the bullseye. The idea came about naturally, according to Aly Racer, vice president of sales at Daily Candy. Target had been advertising in Daily Candy's daily email newsletters for some time, and then over the course of the last year asked for help incorporating some of the DC voice (you know: "Sex and the City" meets well, pretty much, "Sex in the City") onto its own site, as well some input on products from editors. In this way, the Red Hot Shop was born.



The shop started out a few months ago, but was only reachable through sponsored emails sent by Daily Candy, or ads on in the newsletters and on the site. "The Daily candy audience tends to share," says Racer, "and it became this viral thing."

While the shop had certain traces of DC ("Mama's got a brand new pair of shoes," ran the copy under a pair of pink galoshes) it contained no overt branding -- until this week. The Red Hot Shop is now bathed in full Daily Candy regalia, complete with logos and the soft watercolors the site is known for (then, of course, there's the "How's it hanging?" introducing the Octopus wall hook).

Daily Candy suggests products from outside the usual Target purview for the Red Hot Shop and sets the tone. Racer describes the shop as a "partnership with an ad commitment," but, of course, can't discuss the terms. That would be telling.

target/red hot shop

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