AOL-Time Warner Penetrates 72% of Homes

  • February 27, 2001
Jupiter Media Metrix reports that AOL-Time Warner accounted for nearly one third of all time spent online in January 2001, in the U.S. On its own, Time Warner's online properties reached 15.7% of users at home, but combined with AOL, the merged entity had an at-home penetration of 72.3%. The total usage minutes for AOL and Time Warner combined accounted for 32.7%. In addition, Jupiter analysts say that one of the under-appreciated aspects of the merger is the benefit AOL receives from Time Warner's online presence at work. According to Media Metrix data, AOL had a 67.2% reach by itself, but that figure increased to 72.1% with the addition of Time Warner's online properties, which include, and among others.

- Adam Bernard

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