Politico Joins Quadrant One

QuadrantOne -- the online ad sales network launched last year by Gannett Co., Hearst Corp., The New York Times Co., and Tribune Co. -- has added Politico as its first national affiliate.

QuadrantOne is owned by its four founding companies, but has actively sought affiliate partners to create a larger pool of online ad inventory for national advertisers.

QuadrantOne reaches well over 20 major markets and over a dozen smaller ones, with a network of newspaper and broadcast sites.

Politico.com is expected to add 6.3 million unique monthly visitors to quadrantONE's existing base of some 47 million.

"Politico augments our story to marketers, showing that we do have a legitimate national offering," said QuadrantOne CEO Andy Ellenthal. "And, on their own, it might not necessarily be in Politico's wheelhouse to get more consumer focused advertisers that we work with."

To simplify the buying process for large brand advertisers, QuadrantOne recently created a centralized pool of standardized ad units from newspapers nationwide, which can then be sold off in blocks.



QuadrantOne recently reached a similar partnership with The Associated Press. Ellenthal predicted the company will announce two or three more such deals before the end of the year.

The partnership comes amid solid growth in usership of online news resources. According to Nielsen Online, in January the number of monthly unique visitors to newspaper Web sites increased 7.9 million to 74.8 million, a jump of 11.9% over the same month in 2008.

Per the same measurements, 44% of all Web users visited newspaper Web sites in January, an increase of 7.3% over January 2008. The number of page views generated increased 15.4% to 3.7 billion.

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