Frontline Plus Sponsors Dog Adoption Facebook App

  • June 23, 2009
Frontline Plus is the exclusive sponsor of the DogTime network's new "Save A Dog" Facebook application at

Users earn points by selecting one of the actions presented (for example, "foster a dog" or "walk your dog"). For every 2,500 points earned, DogTime donates the financial equivalent of a cup of food to Frontline has a banner ad on the site and users are invited to download coupons.

The launch of the app will be supported by a million ads a month on Facebook and on DogTime network sites as well as Twitter feeds. DogTime will also syndicate a content article on the program across its hundreds of sites and blogs. It will be promoted in its opt-in, consumer newsletter (30,000 subscribers), and DogTime will invite 360 bloggers to write about the program. Its cause-related partner,, will promote the app to its 3,000 affiliate organizations (such as dog shelters).

Frontline Plus is the app's exclusive sponsor until Sept. 30 as part of a larger integrated media package at DogTime.--Tanya Irwin



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