Elections Increased Popularity of News/Talk Radio Shows

  • February 15, 2001
News/talk/information webcasters were particularly popular in November due to the U.S. presidential election, according to the latest Arbitron Webcast Ratings.

In November, WABC-AM (www.wabcradio.com), a New York-based news/talk/information radio station streamed by Real Broadcast Networks, topped the Arbitron Webcast Ratings with 369,500 Aggregate Tuning Hours (ATH) - the sum total of all hours that listeners tune to a given channel.

Other news/talk/information webcast channels ranked in the top 25 were Seattle-based KVI-AM (www.570kvi.com), streamed by Activate and Global Media, which ranked fourth with 219,600 ATH. Real Broadcast Networks streamed a number of news/talk/information channels, including San Francisco-based KSFO-AM (www.ksfo560.com), which ranked eighth with 177,000 ATH; Dallas-based WBAP-AM (www.wbap.com), ranked 11th with 171,300 ATH; Chicago-based WLS-AM (www.wlsam), ranked 17th with 149,900 ATH; and San Francisco-based KGO-AM (www.kgoam810.com), ranked 23rd with 121,600 ATH. - Anya Khait

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