Customer Feedback Tool Integrates Google Analytics Data

Frustrated marketers looking for consumer feedback on high bounce rates, abandoned shopping carts, and a host of actions that derail conversions now have a tool that integrates with Google Analytics.

Kampyle, a software as a service (SaaS) feedback survey tool, has revamped its dashboard and platform, allowing marketing and customer service departments to drill down and mine data to determine problems that visitors have related to the Web site.

Through an application programming interface (API), Kampyle integrates with Google Analytics to provide data on why, say, 249 people abandon shopping carts, Web site traffic slows -- or insight into the reasons why 1,000 unique users suddenly stop visiting the Web site. The tool can suggest that maybe the purchase path isn't intuitive, they can't easily find product information, or the navigation bar and buttons don't work properly.

Kampyle allows companies to customize feedback forms that visitors can access from any page on the site. Each time someone submits a brief questionnaire, the company can respond to the customers one-on-one as feedback comes in.



Social media and Twitter are lighting a fire under companies to improve customer service. "It lets companies get back to customers before they go to Twitter and talk bad about their service," says Ariel Finkelstein, cofounder and CEO at Kampyle, Ramat Gan, Israel. "The moment a customer gives a company a bad rating or feedback, an email is sent to support, marketing or sales to take care of it straight away."

David Smith, CEO at, London, says the tool opened doors to provide better customer service. When, London, unveiled a new Web site in March, it was critical to know what customers thought. The site launch went well -- all except for a glitch on the checkout page, which historically has been the most difficult page to monitor consumer sentiment.

The problem: A small percentage of customers couldn't book a room. The button to confirm a booking sporadically produced an error, taking the person back to the home page rather than confirming the sale. Smith says the drop in conversion rate alerted the IT folks to the problem, and the feedback through Kampyle indicated when and where the errors occurred.

Smith calls the tool a "simple" and "neat little application" that when integrated with Google Analytics becomes a "more powerful tool" that "enhances" customer service. Everyone who makes a comment on the site gets a response from either customer service or the marketing department.

Kampyle matched the time people left feedback with a drop in traffic and lull in conversion rate. "The biggest challenge is to get more people to use the tool and comment, but at the same time it qualifies the people who do," Smith says. "You can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to do everything you need it to do, but this tool is simple and cost-effective." supports about 1 million visitors monthly. The site books accommodations for 2,000 destinations by students, backpackers and others looking for budget accommodations.

Prior to the API, customers used the Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox browser to integrate data from Google Analytics. Finkelstein says the biggest challenge is determining the data to pull. Kampyle plans to integrate with other companies offering Web analytics and online support, too.


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