Real-Time Consumer Profiling to Online Advertisers

  • December 19, 2000
Ableclick, Inc., an online advertising solutions provider that has combined the two models of targeted advertising and incentive marketing, today announced they'll begin offering real time consumer profiling through their unique ad management system. Designed to improve banner click-thru rates through on-the-spot incentives and offers, Ableclick's system provides advertisers with the ability to gauge consumer preferences and receive real-time profile information from mid-tier sites.

Consumers participate in the Ableclick service by voluntarily entering an email into an advertiser's banner. The email entry field is invisible to the consumer until the user's mouse touches the banner frame. The viewer, who accrues money, offers and discounts for clicking on an Ableclick banner, receives an email inviting them to join the Ableclick Netizen community. Doing so enables Ableclick to send advertiser surveys and other offers via email, collecting profile information from each respondent.

In the interest of protecting consumer privacy, personal identifiers such as name, address, and e-mail address are not made available to the advertiser.

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