Three Olives' O-Face Campaign Moves to TV

Three Olives TV spot

Proximo's Three Olives Vodka is making its first foray into television starting Monday, as it expands its thus far print- and online-focused "What's Your O-Face?" campaign.

For the $10 million TV portion of the campaign, to air on Bravo, E! and other cable channels, Agent16 has built on the core creative premise: Showing that drinking the premium, imported-from-England vodka and its growing array of "fun and unique" flavors is "seriously fun" by showing tasters' opened-mouthed expressions of delight. "O-Face" ties in with "Three-O," the nickname for the vodka, which is now mentioned in ads on its recently redesigned bottles.

The three TV spots show an unassuming young man being observed in what appear to be scientific experiment settings. In each, the subject demonstrates little reaction to an outrageous affront (like getting his hand caught in a bear trap), but springs to life with an O-Face after tasting one of the Three-O flavors.



In addition, the TV spots will be showcased via interactive, expandable rich media buys on the TMZ and Perez Hilton sites.

The brand also has been running an online promotion on sites popular with young adults, inviting consumers to use photos of themselves to create their own O-Face ads to compete for a cash prize and the chance to become part of the next O-Face campaign.

The campaign's print ads in national magazines such as Maxim and US Weekly, which began in March, will continue to run.

According to Elwyn Gladstone, Proximo VP of marketing, the campaign's creative was guided by research showing that vodka consumers were bored by "virtually all brands scrambling for the same crowded, so-called 'luxury' positioning," and responded to the fun elements represented by Three-O's flavor range and "surprising and intense" taste experience.

The brand's flavors include Naked (unflavored), Cherry, Grape, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Chocolate, Orange, Berry, Vanilla, Citrus, Raspberry, Watermelon, Mango, Root Beer, Tomato, Triple Shot Espresso and the latest, Bubble. Naked, Bubble and Cherry are featured in the new TV spots.

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