Medialets-Dockers, "iPhone Shake"

Dockers, “iPhone Shake”
Finalist Mobile Marketing: Campaign

Dockers shook up mobile advertising and its staid image with the first "shakable ad" that used the iPhone's motion-sensitive technology to engage consumers in a novel way. The "Shakedown 2 Get Down," campaign featured urban street dancer Dufon Smith, a.k.a. Orbitron, wearing Dockers Vintage Workwear Khakis in the ad that appeared in iPhone apps including "iBasketball," "iGolf" and "iBowl." At various points, users had to shake the phone to get Dufon to do his thing. The campaign, targeting 30-something tech-savvy males, averaged 42 seconds of engagement per viewer, and one-third of those who saw the ad, shook it. (Possibly making the "shake" a new mobile metric.) It also led to a 300% gain in positive brand conversations about Dockers in social media as well as widespread media coverage.


Medialets: Eric Litman, CEO; Rana Sobhany, VP Marketing; Theo Skye, Creative Director. OMD: Jamie Wells, Group Director, Mobile.

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