Ad Mine: Cablevision Launches Optimum Select

Cablevision's Optimum Select

Watching TV content and interacting with marketing messages continues to be the holy grail for some TV advertisers.

In that regard, Cablevision Systems Corp.'s launching of Optimum Select, an interactive TV advertising system, is a godsend. Three million interactive digital cable customers will have access to Optimum Select, which starts in early October.

Pushing the "select" button on a remote control, viewers can engage with marketing content while continuing to watch programming. Initial interaction activities will include requests for information of a product or service, or a free sample or coupon, or access to longer-form content.

When a commercial appears, a bottom third of the screen transparent overlay will appear during a commercial, prompting viewer action. When the viewer hits "select," the current program will be shifted to the top right corner of the screen to allow continued viewing.



Further enhancements will allow viewers to save video on demand content, such as a full-length movie trailer or food preparation videos. Another forthcoming option: allowing consumers to make purchases directly through the television.

"This is all about giving consumers the ability to explore more content, realize more savings and have more fun while creating a deeper and more meaningful viewing experience," said Gemma Toner, Cablevision's senior vice president of marketing and business development, in a release.

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