Mobile Coupons, What's The Hold-Up?

It's the last session at OMMA Global New York and I'm sitting listening to a panel of intelligent marketers talking about mobile coupons. The session: "Flip 'N Save: What Is Keeping Brands From Mobile Coupons." If you want to save money on products at the market, you clip coupons. It's that easy. But how many times have you clipped coupons from the newspaper and forgot them on the kitchen table when you walked out the door? Consumers want to save money. But are they ready to do it through mobile coupons? Panelist say they are ready. It's the marketers who aren't ready. Phuc Troung, managing director, U.S. mobile marketing at Mobext, says selling the technology to others in the company is a daunting task. Within a company, operations and IT have to buy into the process, and some companies are just not buying. Plus, integrating into the point of sale systems is complicated mainly because the lack of standards.
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