NYC & Co, Warner Bros. Go 'Wild'

  • October 13, 2009
NYC & Company is partnering with Warner Brothers Pictures to market the "Where The Wild Things Are," opening nationally on Oct. 16. To promote the film, NYC & Co. has created "Wild Things Week," which allows city restaurants, hotels and retailers to participate in advertising and marketing.

There will be a special photo booth created by Kodak for children at the New York Public Library, where they can have their pictures superimposed with the "Wild Things" characters. Urban Outfitters is selling special "Where The Wild Things Are" apparel, Ugg is promoting "Wild Things" footwear. Ben & Jerry's and Borders Books are also participating.

Various creative enterprises have been scheduled, including readings at the New York Public Library by some of the film's cast members, such as Catherine Keener and the movie's star Max Records. "Wild Things" director Spike Jonze will also lecture at MoMA. And on Oct. 14, HBO will air a new documentary about author Maurice Sendak. All "Wild Things" programs are communicated via Twitter and Facebook. --Fern Siegel



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