DoNotDisturbTV Attracts 20% of Hotel Guests

  • October 15, 2009
DoNotDisturb TV, an in-room channel created by The Hotel Networks, reports that over 19% of hotel guests with access to DoNotDisturb TV watch the short-form programming channel. Since the channel's test launch this summer, there have been more than 1.7 million DND "plays" viewed through the hotel's iTV system. Programming is acquired via partnerships with sites such as, mydamnchannel and, and from the growing daily number of submissions received through the Web site -- everything from stand-up to Web series to short films. DoNotDisturb TV is built to showcase advertiser and hotelier messaging and branding. When an advertiser sponsors DoNotDisturb TV, its logo is built into the on-air design of the DoNotDisturb TV linear channel, iTV platform and Web site.
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