Sykes Fights DVRs In New Fox Promo

If you can't beat 'em, joke with 'em. Fox is running a promo for the new "Wanda Sykes" show that pokes fun at reflexive ad-skipping with the comedian apparently referring to DVR addicts as a "bunch of ADD" m'fers.

The spot begins with oft-raunchy entertainer asking Americans if they like "comedy, celebrities, interesting conversation."

Out of nowhere comes a barrage of "bloop-bloop" TiVo sounds. A DVR bar appears on screen. The viewer has triggered the fast-forward.

But the feisty Sykes fights back -- pulling a remote out of her back pocket and halting the FF with her own jabbing click.

"I'm not trying to sell you something!" she says.

Just plugging her new late-night show. Message delivered and ...

"Now was that so bad you bunch of ADD having ... ?" An audible "m ..." follows, and the spot trails off -- in time to avoid any FCC ire.

The hour-long "Wanda Sykes" show launches Nov. 7 and will run Saturdays at 11 p.m., replacing "MadTV" on the Fox slate.

The show looks to highlight Sykes' irreverent commentary, with her take on current events. It will attempt to break from the traditional one-on-one guest interviews in favor of Sykes leading panel discussions with a motley crew, a la Bill Maher.



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