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New-Media Users Expect Brands To Engage


Just when you thought the impact of new media on mainstream brands couldn't be hyped any further, new data come along to change that idea.

A just-released study from Cone Inc. reports that among new-media users, a staggering 78% of them interact with companies or brands via new media sites and tools -- up from 59% the year before. And these users are conversing with brands more often: Some 37% say they do so at least once a week -- up from one in four when Cone did the study last year.

It's not enough to simply have new media presences (although 95% of users expect it.) Increasingly, they are looking for companies and brands not just with Web sites (58%) and email (45%), but with involvement in social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace (30%) and online games (24%).

Surprisingly, given their loathing of pop-ups and other intrusive ad methods, 43% say they want to see companies advertise online, up from 25% last year. And women are especially enthusiastic about offers that include freebies, coupons or discounts (58%).



Perhaps the most intriguing part of Cone's data, however, is that consumers strongly believe that new media is a two-way street, with 62% saying they can influence business decisions by voicing their opinions through new media.

"About a quarter have contributed their point of view on an issue (24%) or contacted a company directly (23%), and most want the conversation to be two-way -- 74% expect companies to join conversations about their corporate responsibility practices happening on new media," Cone reports.

The survey found that 30% have bought something because of positive information they got online, and that 23% have switched brands or boycotted a company based on negative news.

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  1. melissa t, October 22, 2009 at 11:40 a.m.

    Are there any similar surveys or studies that measure people's expectations from government communications?

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