Appcelerator Launches Agency Partner Program

  • October 27, 2009

Mobile application platform Appcelerator announced a partner program for digital agencies that promises to provide the technology, training and development support to quickly and efficiently build apps for the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

On board as initial partners in the new program are agencies and systems integrators including Cimex, Computer Sciences Corp (CSC), Intridea, Razorfish, TMA, and Tribal DDB. The heart of Appcelerator's offering its Titanium open-source platform allowing developers to create mobile apps across different operating systems with single set of tools.

Using Titanium would free agencies from having to outsource app development and give them greater control over a client's branding efforts at a fraction of the cost to contract out a project, according to Appcelerator. App development costs typically start at about $20,000 but can range up to $300,000, according to Forrester.

In addition to its technology, the company's partner program also offers sales and marketing support and access to the Appcelerator network for testing and distributing apps. It may also include more intensive assistance during a partner's first project to help ensure success in the first 30 days. The package comes to $10,000 a year for partners, with development support for every app after the first one costing $2,000. --Mark Walsh

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