Huge Patrón Manhattan Billboard Salutes Yankees

Patron/Congrats to NY (Yankees)

Patrón Tequila is using a 225-foot-tall billboard in mid-Manhattan to congratulate the New York Yankees on their 27th World Series win.

The liquor brand, which installed the billboard -- the largest in New York -- at 8th Ave. and 34th St. last May, used it to date to pose "debates" of interest to New Yorkers, such as taking the subway versus a cab, or shopping on Canal St. versus Fifth Ave.

That approach ties in with the brand's long-running (since 2006) "Simply Perfect" campaign. The premise: you can debate the relative merits of most anything, but there's no debate when it comes to tequila, because Patrón is "simply perfect."

The new, freshly painted billboard message makes an exception to the debate theme. It's an unambiguous, all-out tribute to the latest Yankees championship, featuring a large #27 and a "Congratulations, New York" headline.

The photo of Patrón's bottle with the "Simply Perfect" tagline underneath the headline does mesh nicely with the congratulatory sentiment.

"What makes the [Simply Perfect] brand campaign so unique is that we're able to adapt our messages to be highly relevant to the people who are reading or watching each particular ad," Patrón CMO Matt Carroll told Marketing Daily.

"We designed the [Manhattan] billboard with the intention of changing the message on it often, with debates that are understood and resonate with New Yorkers. We've had several debates up there since the board launched," he said, "and we've had great feedback from people who look forward to looking up every so often to see what our next debate will be."

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