Caribou Coffee Moves To All-Natural Chocolate

  • November 11, 2009
Caribou Coffee is reformulating all of its mocha and chocolate beverages to use all-natural chocolate as ingredients.

Starting Nov. 12, Caribou is steaming pieces of premium white, milk or dark Guittard chocolate (customer's choice) into mochas, chocolate lattes, hot chocolates, specialty beverages and cold beverages.

Most coffeehouses use reconstituted chocolate syrup or processed powder in their chocolate beverages, according to Caribou.

The nation's second-largest coffeehouse chain took a swipe at Starbucks in its release. "While other coffeehouses are focused on extending their product offerings into things like instant coffee, we're increasing the quality of our most popular items to provide added value for our customers," said Caribou's CEO, Mike Tattersfield.--Karlene Lukovitz



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