Coors Scores Ads On TiVo's NFL Coverage

Coors Light/NFL showcase page

Touch that NFL programming on your TiVo remote -- in any way -- and Coors Light will send you commercial messaging.

In an unusual deal that will start this week, extending for the season right through all Super Bowl programming, Coors Light -- a MillerCoors beer brand -- will execute multiple messaging and content when consumers interact with NFL programming.

For instance, any time a fan pauses or deletes NFL programming, they will see a Coors Light-branded prompt inviting them to visit the Coors Light NFL Showcase Page.

Plus, during rewinding or fast-forwarding of programs, a Coors Light prompt will appear on TiVo Central or the TiVo Showcase Grid. A prompt will also appear during any fast-forwarding of Coors Light ads.

While watching an NFL program and/or game, they will be prompted to go to the Coors Light NFL Showcase, where special content can be accessed. It includes behind-the-scenes footage from the Coors Light "Coaches" ads, consumer-generated versions of the TV spots and details on how to win Super Bowl tickets and other prizes as part of the Coors Light "Countdown to 44" promotion.



Tara Maitra, vice president and general manager of content services and advertising sales at TiVo Inc., stated: "As TV viewing habits evolve, even sporting events, which are typically watched live, are becoming more prone to time-shifting and, as a result, are experiencing increased levels of commercial avoidance."

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