Coors Scores Ads On TiVo's NFL Coverage

  • November 18, 2009
Touch that NFL programming on your TiVo remote -- in any way -- and Coors Light will send you commercial messaging.

In an unusual deal that will begin this week, extending for the season right through all Super Bowl programming, Coors Light -- a MillerCoors beer brand -- will execute multiple messaging and content when consumers interact with NFL programming.

For instance, any time a fan pauses or deletes NFL programming, they will see a Coors Light-branded prompt inviting them to visit the Coors Light NFL Showcase Page.

Plus, during rewinding or fast-forwarding of programs, a Coors Light prompt will appear on TiVo Central or the TiVo Showcase Grid. A prompt will also appear during any fast-forwarding of Coors Light ads.

While watching an NFL program and/or game, they will be prompted to go to the Coors Light NFL Showcase, where special content can be accessed. It includes behind-the-scenes footage from the Coors Light "Coaches" ads, consumer-generated versions of the TV spots and details on how to win Super Bowl tickets and other prizes as part of the Coors Light "Countdown to 44" promotion.--Wayne Friedman



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