Nestlé Juicy Juice, Boost Get FDA Warning Letters

  • December 23, 2009
The Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters to Nestlé SA regarding health claims made in marketing for the company's Juicy Juice and Boost children's drinks.

The letters, which appear to be dated in October, have now been posted on the agency's Web site, Bloomberg reported.

The letters direct Nestlé to take "prompt action" to correct claims for the brands.

In regard to Juicy Juice Brain Development Fruit Juice Beverage, the FDA said that label statements that the product "helps support brain development" and has "no sugar added" violate regulations against nutrient content claims for foods intended for use by infants and children under two years of age. The letter also cites a "naturally lower in sugar" claim in the brand's Web site.

The FDA also stated that labels on Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice Orange Tangerine and Grape products are in violation because they are designed to imply that the products are 100% juice.

Regarding Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink, the FDA said the product is in violation for language on its label and Web site that is false or misleading because it promotes the drink as a "medical food" without meeting the regulatory criteria for doing so. The wording makes references to use of the beverage for the medical condition of "failure to thrive" and also for "pre/post surgery, injury or trauma, chronic illnesses," according to the letter.



A Nestlé spokesperson confirmed that the company "fully intends to cooperate with the FDA to reach a regulatory conclusion."--Karlene Lukovitz

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