Publishers Clearing House Launches $5 Million Effort

Publishers Clearing House Insta Prize

Publishers Clearing House launches its biggest ad campaign of the year Dec. 30. The prize company is kicking off its new 48-Hour $10 Million "InstaPrize" offering with a multichannel advertising campaign.

The campaign is intended to help drive entry into its $10 million sweepstakes, which is a little different from previous awards. In the past, people were entered into the sweepstakes and then had to wait until a later date to see if they were the winner.

The new iteration enters people into the sweeps with potential winners being chosen every 48 hours. If their number is chosen in that time period, then they will be the winner. If not, their number is placed back into the mix and could potentially be drawn again at a later date. All entries will also be eligible to win a $1 million SuperPrize to be awarded Feb. 25.



The media spend is over $5 million and includes TV (both cable and network), print, direct mail (both offline and email).

TV (two 30-second and two 15-second iterations) includes ABC, CBS, NBC, all major cable networks, syndication (high-profile programming including "Oprah," "Ellen" and "Wheel of Fortune.") Online includes banner ads, search and promotion across PCH's network of 10 Web properties. The campaign runs through Jan. 12.

Over the course of the two-week period, contest processors will be looking daily for return of an eligible winning number, which could come in at any time. If a $10 million winner is identified, the prize will be awarded and will be replaced instantly with a second $10 Million prize for the promotion.

If by the end of the special InstaPrize Event time frame there is no match to a winning number from this special early look promotion, all entries received by the entry deadline will be entered to win a guaranteed $10 million that will be awarded at the end of the giveaway.

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