Azek Debuts New TV Spot

  • December 30, 2009
Azek Building Products is launching a new TV spot on HGTV, the Food Network, DIY Network, ABC, CBS and Fox.

The TV spot for the Scranton, Penn.-based company focuses on a deck built of the cellular PVC material. It shows how the deck resists scratches as a table is moved across the deck, clearing the way for a limbo contest that demonstrates resistance to wear and tear. Next, a rowdy couple stumbles, spilling wine and a plate of gooey food on the deck.

The next morning, the attractive female homeowner easily wipes it all away with no stains left behind. She then relaxes with a cup of coffee on the stylish deck, serenely surveying the lack of damage from the night before.

"Using a lively, evening cocktail party as the backdrop, we want savvy homeowners to identify with all the spills and mishaps that are likely to happen," said Eric Lanel, of Montclair, N.J.-based GWP, the agency that produced the commercial. This is Azek Building Products' first foray into television advertising.

"We feel the new TV ad will leave the viewer with a clear understanding of how easy it is to enjoy life with an Azek deck," said Eric Jungbluth, CEO of CPG International, Azek's parent company. "It's a new world for outdoor living and our deck solutions are definitely ready for prime time."--Tanya Irwin



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