Chase, Facebook Award Charities

  • January 26, 2010
Chase and Facebook have announced the final list of small and local charities that will receive a total of more than $5 million in grants from Chase through Chase Community Giving.

Winning charities will use the funding to help child soldiers in Africa return to school and a normal life, to support the families of U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, to offer help for children whose parents have cancer, to lend a hand to the homeless and for many other meaningful causes. Chase plans to continue Chase Community Giving in the future.

Facebook fans selected San Diego-based Invisible Children to receive a $1 million. The charity works through the support of U.S. high school and college students to advocate for the rescue of children in central Africa who have been kidnapped from their homes and forced to serve as soldiers in a civil war in Uganda.

Five runner-up charities will receive $100,000 each for work that includes: assisting the families of children with special needs; finding a cure for a terminal spinal disease affecting infants; offering healthcare and wellness in rural areas; supporting people struggling with depression; and offering education to disadvantaged girls overseas who face poverty and discrimination.



Additionally, the Chase Community Giving Advisory Board, which includes NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, Emmy-nominated actress Eva Longoria and Do Something founder Nancy Lublin, selected 17 charities to share $1 million of grants.--Tanya Irwin

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