Apple Tablet Ad A Fake?

Wednesday night, the French blog posted what is most likely a fake Tablet, or as the ad tags it (and which Apple has actually trademarked), "iPad" spot. The :30 ad is convincing enough, with an iTunes-fresh twee indie jingle in the background and that splatter imagery from Apple's announcement of its "latest creation."

But the product shot of the Tablet is what seems to give this away as a hoax. It offers no clearer view of the device than the many images already floating around on the Web, and a cheesy glare effect indicates this is a forgery. So the wait for the big reveal continues. Unless that's what Steve Jobs wants us to think and this was the big reveal.

At any rate, this is clearly not the work of TBWA, which handles all the iPod spots (a rep said they had no idea where the spot came from), although it is a fine parody.

UPDATE: The name turned out to be correct, but the ad still looks like a fake or an early prototype that got scrapped.

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