Google, YouTube Chinese Knockoffs Surface

Google threatening to pull out of China appears to have sparked some cheap imitations in the Asian country. A Chinese imitation of the search engine launched, replacing the last three letters in Google with "jje." doesn't have paid-search ads. Searches on keywords, for the most part, appear to return queries that pull data from

The Goojje logo combines parts of the logos from both Google and Chinese search engine Baidu. isn't the only knockoff in China. also emerged around the same time. Videos on the site are sluggish. It appears that the videos on the site originated on YouTube, but some of them do not play. The site does not support embedded tags.

China's counterfeit industry dates back years. From designer purses made by Gucci to electronics from Hewlett-Packard and software from Microsoft, China has been known for producing a steady stream of counterfeit goods throughout the 2000s.

Hewlett-Packard, for example, working with Chinese authorities, seized $1.2 million in counterfeit computer parts in May 2002, during a raid on an illicit operation in the southern province of Guangdong.



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