Honda Tells Dealers To Steer Clear Of Toyota

  • February 4, 2010
Honda has put the word out to its dealers to lay low with customers and shoppers about Toyota's agita. The Torrance, Calif. company put out a letter to dealers saying the Toyota recall has prompted customer questions on its implications for Honda or Acura vehicles.

"American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is not aware of any reports for either Honda or Acura vehicles, regarding the type of failure Toyota is citing as the cause for its recall. Additionally, while we use the same supplier as Toyota for some of our products (as do other manufacturers), we do not use the same components," says the letter.

Signed by EVP of American Honda John Mendel, it goes on to say Honda won't say anything else on the issue. "Additionally, we will not react in a predatory way toward either Toyota or Toyota customers. I would ask that you and your sales and service teams refrain from comment other than the facts outlined above, and only then, in response to customer inquiries."--Karl Greenberg



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