Ken Robinson - Personalize Education!

Ken says there's a hunger for videos of him. His last TED speech four years ago had been downloaded four million times. So here's the encore.

Yes, there is a big climate crisis. And there's also a second climate crisis, not of natural resources, but of human resources. We make incredibly poor use of our talents.

Ken divides the world into two groups: The people who get no pleasure from what they do. And the people who love what they do, because what they do is who they are. This group is the minority.

The problem is education. It dislocates people from their natural talents. Reform is not enough anymore, as we continue to nurture a broken system. We need a revolution. Fundamental innovation in education is difficult, because it challenges what we take for granted.We have built our education system on the model of fast food - everything is standardized. And it is depleting our mental abilities the same way that fast food is depleting our bodies.


Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent. And this diversity needs to be fostered from the beginning - personalized education.

Everyday, everywhere, our children spread their dreams underneath our feed. We ought to tread softly.

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