Ford Transit Connect Takes Star Turn In Film

  • February 14, 2010
Ford's Transit Connect, a commercial van that Ford is marketing to small-business owners, is featured on New Line Cinema's "Valentine's Day."

One of the main characters is a florist who uses the Transit Connect to deliver flowers, which is central to the movie's theme and ties the different story lines together, per Ford.

"We knew that the character of the florist was going to be a passionate entrepreneur, and since the Transit Connect is smaller than the typical cargo van, it conveys that 'small business' message to the viewer," said Brian Daly, SVP, Team Detroit, and part of Ford Global Brand Entertainment, in a statement. "We took it over to Warner Bros., and the production crew fell in love with it."

The Transit Connect featured in the movie is painted powder-puff pink and sports decals for the fictitious L.A. florist Siena Bouquet.--Karl Greenberg



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