Tiger Woods' Reputation Hasn't Improved, Firm Reports

  • February 19, 2010
More bad news for Tiger Woods, according to The Marketing Arm's ranking of celebrities and athletes. Once in the top 10 among nearly 2,400 celebrities in the firm's database, he is now at 121. And the golfer's appeal score, which was 82.33 -- in the top 100 overall in terms of likeability and on par with celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Frank Sinatra, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Jordan -- is now at 58.47, which puts him at #2371 in the neighborhood of Gary Coleman, Bobby Knight, Billy Idol, and Eminem.

Prior to the incident in November, Woods' trust score was 68.79, in the realm of Robin Williams, Hank Aaron, Sean Connery, and Rachael Ray, per the firm. Now it's at 42.97, which puts him at No. 2,372 in the firm's database, which is in the same neighborhood as celebs like Kid Rock, Jon Gosselin, Andy Dick, and Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders.

The firm says that before his infidelity became public, Woods was one of the most aspirational celebs -- in the company of Bill Gates, Will Smith, Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, and Steve Jobs. Now his score has fallen to 39.25, which ranks him at No. 2,411 in terms of aspiration, putting him near Dennis Rodman, Barry Bonds, John Daly, Roger Clemens, and Steve O of Jackass fame.



His endorsement status puts him out of the big brands. Before Prior to the incident, consumers put him at No. 11 overall in value as endorser, which is about the level of Bill Cosby, Paul Newman, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Jennifer Aniston. Now he's at No. 2,250 on par with Pauly Shore, Slash, Pam Anderson, and Denise Richards.--Karl Greenberg

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