Red Robin Launches National Campaign

  • February 22, 2010
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. today launched a new national campaign that builds on consumers' existing familiarity with the chain's "Yummm" mnemonic.

The campaign, from the chain's agency of record, Periscope, is appearing online, on cable television (including USA Network, TBS, TLC, Comedy Central and Food Network), and in local TV and radio in about 30 markets through April 11.

The ads feature various humorous scenarios in which unlikely subjects -- such as a baby and the mythical Yeti -- answer Red Robin's call with a "Yummm" response. An online ad features a lawyer providing the response in a thought bubble. Online videos on Hulu and iVillage follow the basic theme, but show different and shorter scenarios than the TV commercials.

In addition, an online game, "Burger Time," challenges fans to build a gourmet burger before kitchen utensils and other items "eat" the player, and rewards players with the ability to download a Yummm ringtone.--Karlene Lukovitz



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