Sara Lee Deli Expands 'Mama' Social Media Videos

  • February 23, 2010
Sara Lee Deli's success in reaching busy moms via its "Mama Saga" social media videos program has prompted the brand to launch new "Saga Solver" versions.

The originals -- which have drawn 2.5 million views since their launch last September, according to Sara Lee -- were humorous, "confessional" webcam videos showing "Mama Sagas" from the daily lives of three mom-actresses. Each saga worked in mentions of the life-simplifying benefits of Sara Lee Fresh Ideas pre-sliced and sliced-to-order deli meats.

The new videos, like the originals, were produced with Second City Communications (the theater's business arm), have a tongue-in-cheek tone, and are housed on the brand's Facebook fan page and accessible through its Metacafe channel and other social media channels (including YouTube and Yahoo Video).

The new videos, however, take a more direct problem-solving approach to food preparation, organizing kitchen/family schedules, tackling family challenges and promoting the deli meats and recipes containing same.



Some feature "nationally known experts," starting with a series of videos with food prep tips, recipes and advice from Ceci Carmichael, mom and former host of Food Network's "Calling All Cooks" and "Good Food Fast." Carmichael's videos will be featured for six weeks, followed by contributions from two more, as yet unannounced, contributors.

Facebook fans will be able to interact with the experts by having their questions answered in real time during live chats (one live chat per expert), according to Sara Lee.

"The 'Mama Saga' campaign demonstrated that the social media space provides Sara Lee Deli immediate and intimate ways to reach moms and build relationships," said the brand's director, Paula Shikany. "Providing moms with entertaining and educational content about the areas that matter most helps us be a resource to allow mom to simplify and streamline her life."

To drive traffic to the original videos, Sara Lee Deli employed sponsored links on Facebook and tweeting to moms through the @SaraLeeDeli Twitter handle (with a coupon offer for tweeters who became fans on the brand's Facebook page). The brand also reached out to individual mom bloggers and blogger networks, inviting them to post the videos for viewing and discussion.

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