American Legacy Launches Next Truth Ad

  • February 24, 2010
The American Legacy Foundation's youth-focused anti-smoking campaign, "Truth," gets a new TV spot that will run online and in Screenvision cinemas later this month. The new spot is an addition to the "Do You Have What it Takes" campaign, via Boston-based Arnold Worldwide, wherein real-life job-seekers interview for a job where they are encouraged to lie, make a deadly product, and kill folks.

The latest spot has the interviewer (an actor) asking the interviewee how he'd feel about 400,000 a year. After the guy says "great," the interview apologizes, explaining that he meant 400,000 deaths per year from the product he would make if he were hired. The interviewee is silent.

The "Do You Have What it Takes?" effort launched last June.--Karl Greenberg



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