Forget the Sex Apps - Users Turn To iPhone For Dating, Health


With Apple clearing out all those sex-themed apps from the App Store, it makes you wonder what else people are doing with their iPhones. According to a new study by Greystripe, plotting romance and staying healthy are two of the more popular activities. The mobile ad network found that more than half (51%) of iPhone and iPod touch users turn to the devices to help plan a date, and 39% for health-related inquiries.

When it comes to hitting the town, 43% said map applications like Google Maps were the most helpful when planning a date, with 13% citing review apps like Yelp and 12% using banking apps. Among iPhone and iPod users who are not in an exclusive relationship, 16% turn to social networking apps such as Facebook to hook up. But apps specifically geared to dating aren't so hot -- only 2% use speed dating or online dating apps.

The iPhone is also emerging as a popular health tool. Among people who said they use their phone for health-related purposes, 48% use it to search for outdoor activities, 36% to search for doctors, 35% to look for pharmacies, and 23% to find hospitals.

Looking at health-related apps, Greystripe found fitness programs were the favorites -- with 40% downloading them, followed by diet apps, at 28%, and medical apps, 27%. Between the two Apple devices, iPhone owners are 16% more likely to use their phones for health-related inquiries than iPod users. That makes sense since iPhone owners tend to skew older than iPod users, 45% of whom are under the age of 25.

iPhone users are also 17% more likely to be involved in household purchasing decisions than the iPod crowd and to be higher income-earners, according to Greystripe. Its findings were based on survey data from network users in the fourth quarter of 2009. The company serves ads in more than 2,000 applications across the iPhone/iPod and Android, Nokia and Java-based phones.

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  1. Robert Kadar, February 26, 2010 at 12:50 p.m.

    Not only consumers but doctors and other Health Care Professionals are using the mobile devices at the point of care to better treat their patients and access critical clinical data. Skyscape and Physicians Interactive is one such company offering this.

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