Imax To Launch Portable Screens, Expand Marketing Biz

Imax is looking to go mobile and enter the experiential marketing business. The company plans to offer a portable set-up, where an inflatable dome with a giant screen would be used for stunts in Times Square, a California studio lot or rural China.

"It looks like a huge tennis bubble," said Imax CEO Richard Gelfond.

The theater's digital system could show films or live events. Gelfond envisions sponsors placing their names on the bubble, with revenues then split between Imax and a film or event producer.

"It's like the world's biggest billboard when you see the outside of this thing," he told investors last week.

While Gelfond cited opportunities for premiere and promotional events in Manhattan and Hollywood, he said the "bubble" offers a chance to expand into parts of the world with few, if any, theaters. In rural China, for example, the dome could be set up for a two- or three-week run of a film.

Imax is hoping the venture will expand its brand beyond its core production and distribution businesses. Another opportunity is in a planned 3D network in the U.S. via a joint venture with Discovery and Sony, where Imax content could help fill the channel.

Known for its giant screens, Imax had a record fourth quarter, partly because of 20th Century Fox's "Avatar" in 3D on its screens.

Imax, which has been offering 3D films for more than 25 years, has about 400 theaters in 44 countries, with 70% in North America.



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  1. Ellie Johnston from Brandojo, March 15, 2010 at 10:30 p.m.

    Holy Moly! This is going to do great in China. I can just see all the rural folks enjoying the show with a lap full of roasted corn and dried squid. Unless things have change since the last time I was in China 8 years ago...

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