Netmining's Dashboard Signifies Marketing Analytics Model

Netmining released a dashboard Tuesday aimed at giving advertisers real-time access to data and insights from Web site visitors. It also provides key marketing analysis to improve conversion optimization.

The dashboard, SiteInsights for Advertisers, provides a view into traffic driven to a site by referring URLs through a report called Score by Refer. It allows advertisers to determine the quality and the referring source to the Web site and identifies leads for the most qualified traffic driving conversions on the site.

A report called Heat Map enables advertisers to determine the most popular section of the site. There also are reports that help advertisers understand key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide insight into consumer interests in specific products and categories on the site and on a specific Web page. The tool also allows advertisers to learn which pages site visitors use to enter and leave the site.

The data collects in real-time. It takes a couple of days to start generating a meaningful amount of data, says Netmining Chairman Will Margiloff, but once "you have the data it's easy to see the results." Advertisers need to insert a simple piece of code into their content management system to optimize Web sites, remarketing, and generate site analytics. The data comes free with the Netmining advertiser service, he says.

Marketing companies have begun to create a new market segment focused on analytics. Last week, Clickable, Kenshoo, and Marin Software jumped into the fray when each company announced their respective plans to deliver a Web-based platform that compares side by side the performance of search and social ad campaigns.

Margiloff says SiteInsights for Advertisers isn't a competing product to Omniture or Coremetrics, but marketing companies have begun to release marketing analytics products similar to the way traditional analytics software companies have delivered on corporate IT products. "It lets marketers know what's powering their marketing," he says, pointing to service providers turning into network providers.

In a world where companies rely on data to enhance display advertisers, the industry will continue to see all kinds of new business models, Margiloff says. "Eventually companies like Omniture and Corementrics will have to move into audience targeting and media buying if they want to stay competitive," he says. "There's an opportunity to become greater trusted advisors to their customers rather than just software vendors."

Margiloff says Netmining will never try to compete with Omniture or Coremetrics, but you have seen some of them expand their suite of services from site analytics to landing page optimization to search marketing. Some will venture into the network space because it's a natural considering the amount of data and the relationship with the marketer, he says.


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